Kimberley Regatta 2011

The Australian and international boating community are invited to participate in the Kimberley Regatta 2011. A unique opportunity to explore the extraordinary Kimberley coast - one of Australia’s most spectacular marine tourism destinations.

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15/02/11 - Kimberley video available

Michael Jessop-Jolly and Helen Gray, aboard their vessel Proteus II spent 6weeks cruising the Kimberley coast last year, and their experiences are now available on dvd!
The couple cruised from Fremantle Sailing Club and headed North for Western Australia’s last true wilderness, the Kimberley.
Upon arrival in Darwin after a magical and memorable 6 week journey through the towering cliffs, mazes of tidal passages and thousands of islands and bays. They managed to convince the crews of two other vessels to be interviewed on a number of subjects pertaining to their experiences along the way.
Those, plus their own experiences, combined with video footage from aboard Proteus II have been combined into a factual and informative presentation of our voyages.

Subjects covered include: Sources of information, Sailing versus motoring, Navigation, Communications, Refuelling, Anchoring, Dealing with crocodiles, Tides and currents, Provisioning, Favourite anchorages etc.

The dvd has now officially been released and can be obtained from the Chart and Map Shop Fremantle, or the Fremantle Sailing Club.
Cost is $25. Or $20 if it is bought from the Chart and Map Shop along with the West Australian Cruising Guide.


01/01/11 - 2011 Kimberley regatta plans withdrawn

Dear supporter/participant, Kimberley Sailing Inc. management team regrets to inform you that plans for the Inaugural Kimberley Regatta 2011 have had to be withdrawn. It was great to see so many people showing interest and registering for the event. To date, 11 vessels have responded to the event, from as far as Mackay. We have received support from a very broad group of great people. Naturalists, traditional owners and tour operators from the Kimberley, yacht clubs from Exmouth to Busselton, skippers and engineers have all pitched in to support the running of the Kimberley Regatta 2011.

Unfortunately due to a slower than anticipated return to fitness from a recent back injury and some financial setbacks I will not be able to complete the rebuild of my own vessel to be ready for cruising North this coming winter. Also, the Kimberley Regatta 2011 although attracting much needed support, has not been able to secure the financial support required to conduct our Kimberley based events and tours. Kimberley Sailing Inc. intends to revisit the plan for a Kimberley Regatta for 2012, based on the current cruise in company style event with tours, activities and expeditions based from Broome upon arrival.

Our supporters are also still willing and enthusiastic to revisit the Kimberley Regatta next year. In the interim, the Kimberley Sailing Inc. website will provide information regarding developments in the Kimberley relevant to the yachting community. Such as the proposed boating facilities upgrade in Broome, the proposed Browse LNG processing facility and the creation of marine parks and reserves in Kimberley waters. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. We hope that the cancellation of the Kimberley Regatta 2011 will not end your plans to cruise the Kimberley waters this coming winter, and that you have a fantastic time enjoying the extraordinary nature of one of the world’s last true wilderness coasts.

09/09/10 - Kimberley Regatta flyers and posters available


The first run of flyers and posters are available!

Kimberley Sailing Inc. have developed flyers and posters advertising the event. These are available for download below. Please feel free to download them and print them or contact us if you would like to display them at your sailing club, business, workplace, community event etc. Alternatively contact us and we will mail you some copies.

Poster - WA/Australia - pdf 1.5 meg

Poster - International - pdf 1.5 meg

Flyer - Australia - pdf 250kb

Flyer - International - pdf 250kb


31/08/10 - Kimberley Tourism report released


The report by Dr Michael Hughes. Senior Research Fellow, Curtin Sustainable Tourism Centre, is titled ‘Kimberley Whale Coast Tourism’ .

Kimberley Sailing Inc. was invited to attend the official launch of a report investigating sustainable tourism opportunities and threats in the Kimberley. Kimberley Sailing Inc. Spokesperson Dane Griffen believes that ‘with a relatively low cost government investment in low impact infrastructure in Broome to support a growing marine tourism industry, the region will see a massive increase in sustainable and ongoing economic growth’ “There is room for tourism to expand in the Kimberley. And a dollar spent in the tourism sector in the region is a dollar that stays in the region”. Tourism also provides an opportunity for much broader and longer term employment opportunities whilst having an extremely minimal, and easily managed environmental impact. read more on our media page


12/08/10 - Kimberley Regatta in Broome Advertiser

TBLThe Broome Adevertiser . Written by Ben Jones

Mr Griffin said the regatta was all about promoting boating and sustainable tourism based on the natural and cultural values of the Kimberley ... read full article

02/08/10 - Kimberley Regatta in the Media

TBLTravel Boating Lifestlye magazine Kimberley Regatta in 2011. Written by Fiona Harper

One of Australia’s most spectacular tourism destinations is to host an inaugural sailing regatta in May 2011. Broome is the southern gateway to the magical Kimberley, a pristine cruising ground comprising thousands of islands, bays, coves and rivers to explore. It’s one of those rare destinations that most have heard of, many dream of visiting, while few actually get there... read full article

31/07/10 - Photographic tour planned for participants

Red DirtLocal Broome based business Red Dirt Photography is in discussions with the Kimberley Regatta management team to provide an exclusive photographic tour to Regatta participants on the spectacular Dampier peninsula - Kimberley Sailing would like to thank Nigel and Helen for thier interest and we look forward to a mutually benificial relationship.


Photo: (above banner) Cable beach, Broome. (c)